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affordable Sailing for all levels at a convenient downtown kirkland location

Kirkland Sailing Club is a great low-cost way to enjoy sailing on the East Side of Lake Washington. From beginners training with our certified instructors to racing, we cater to all levels of experience. Our fleet of J22's competes in One Design racing with other local boats on Wednesday evenings and our Catalina Capri 22's join them racing in the Kirkland Summer Sailing Series on Friday evenings. Members can reserve boats anytime of the week using our online booking system for their personal use with friends and family.


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  • 29 Sep 2020 8:57 AM | Anonymous

    Last race of the Kirkland Fall Series.

    Forecast models conflicted on wind direction but agreed on light conditions and little chance of southerly. The parameters of this series include a start near Evergreen Point and a buoy close to the Kirkland shore, so the RC set a questionable starboard rounding triangle with an extra two legs for Div 1.

    Fortunately, all boats understood the late course announcement and, unexpectedly, it was a remarkably close race in all 3 Divisions in warm temperatures, blue skies, and an impressive lenticular cloud over Mt Rainier.

    Despite the light conditions, all boats finished within the 2-hour limit.

    Div 1

               Lap 1                      Finish                   Corrected

    1. Rugosa                      1h8m59s              1h58m15s  114.21
    2. Audacious                 1h1m14s      1h51m4s       119.53      

    Div 2

    1. Moya
    2. Gray Jay
    3. Juno

    Div 3

    1. Bad Example (by 22 seconds)
    2. Leo Kai

  • 21 Sep 2020 1:32 PM | Anonymous

    Race #3 of the KSC Fall Series

    The smoke finally cleared and light southwesterly winds came in, just 1-3mph of breeze in the forecast but we managed to get a race started. 

    Audacious took the bullet in division 1 on a shortened course due to the dying breeze. 

    Moya was over the horizon with first place in division 2 and as the breeze lightened, Java came in second closely followed by Gray Jay with just 30 seconds remaining before the time limit expired.

    Division 3 was looking like a close finish between Bad X-Ample and Lio Kai, the former being in the lead on the return windward leg when the time limit expired.

    Div 1 – PHRF (scored time-on-time)

    1. Audacious (Beneteau 40.7) PHRF54 – 100.38 min, Corrected 108.03
    2. Rugosa (Tartan 3400) PHRF 123 – 123.65 min, Corrected 119.42

    Div 2 – One design 

    1. Moya
    2. Java
    3. Gray Jay

    Div 3- Open

    Lio Kai- TLE

    Bad X-Ample- TLE

  • 12 Sep 2020 3:48 PM | Anonymous

    KSC fall series is cancelled for Sunday September 13th due to smoke conditions. We hope to see you all next week, Sunday September 20th!

  • 10 Sep 2020 11:27 AM | Anonymous

    Race #2 of the Kirkland Fall Series.

    Predicted wind was from the NW at 6. Unknown was the turnout for an informal race in the middle of the Labor Day weekend. What we got was SW winds and interesting battle in Div 1.

    The course was once again that strange square. The first two legs ended up being downwind spinnaker legs, the 3rd leg was supposed to be upwind but ended up being a beat. Last week the race was abandoned for time so the RC decided just once around assuming that a convergence zone would hit as the wind went to the predicted NW later in the day.

    That worked out for Div 2 and Div 3, but the Div 1 boats that participated had long waterlines for a lake this size so their race was over quickly. Div 1 may have a longer course than PHRF and Open divisions the rest of this series.

    Div 1 – PHRF (scored time-on-time)

    1. Rugosa (Tartan 3400) PHRF 123 – 65 min, Corrected 62.78
    2. Audacious (Beneteau 40.7) PHRF54 – 60m, Corrected 64.57
    3. Tachyon (Farr39) PHRF 18: – 59m, Corrected 67.52

    Div 2 – One design

    The holiday did take out most of the participants in this class. Kudos to KSC’s Java for showing up and sweeping the division.

    1. Java

    Div 3- Open

    September’s Song came out and in the 1st weekend of their namesake September hit the start line perfectly and swept their division.

    1. September’s Song

  • 31 Aug 2020 3:05 PM | Anonymous

    Kirkland Fall Series kicked off today. Emphasis for this informal series is to promote sailing on Lake Washington and to get sailboats to sail the Kirkland coast. The wind was consistent when the course was set. By start time it had died. This picture is of the start of Div 3. It was unexpectedly tense. The wind tried but never came back and the 2-hour deadline applied. The race was abandoned. Here are the yachts that enjoyed the weather.

    Div 1 PHRF

    • Rugosa - tried to bribe RC afterwards with food which was much appreciated.

    Div 2 OD

    • Moya
    • Gray Jay

    RC was going to acknowledge the lead boat in this division but it was not clear which boat would have finished first.

    Div 3 Open

    • Audacious
    • September Song

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