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Membership Guidelines

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is continually updated. If there is a question regarding specifics, please contact Kirkland Sailing Club for clarification or an updated version of the guidelines. The enclosed guidelines detail policies, regulations, and privileges designed to maintain safety, insurance and operational standards; and provide all members with full access to vessels while keeping membership costs low. Guidelines do not cover all conceivable points of membership - should you encounter a situation not addressed here please give us a call!

Member Benefits


·         Unlimited Boat Use (per membership plan)

·         Use of boats “After Hours”

·         Large Variety of Boats

·         Racing & Cruising Groups

·         Family Friendly

·         Discounted Lessons

·         Deals and relationships with sailing companies worldwide

·         Discounted Charter Rates

·         Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic staff


New members will be invited to an orientation session shortly after joining the Club. KSC staff will then review the finer details and processes contained within these guidelines. Following are the basics….

1.     Reservations are made using the online booking tool under the ‘Members’ section of the website. This menu is only visible to KSC members. Reservations in advance can be made up to 1 week in advance with 1 reservation pending. 'On the day' reservations can be made online as availability allows.

2.     If your contact information changes make certain you have updated your member contact details on the website so that we can contact you if weather or other circumstances may affect your reservation.

3.     After arriving, review the boat and either call or email KSC if you have any questions. Keep an eye towards a “Manifestly Safe Voyage” – i.e., that the vessel is equipped with everything needed for your planned trip.

4.     Ask questions: if you are unfamiliar with any piece of equipment, or want something double-checked, just ask.

5.     When returning, “tidy” the boat by putting equipment away, flaking mainsails, emptying waste tanks, and taking any rubbish.

6.     If a problem was encountered during the sail, inform KSC either by calling or email.


Members have access to all KSC sailboats. Memberships extend to a member’s immediate family, and as KSC encourages families to sail, family members receive a discount on Basic Keelboat classes. An adult family member certified for use of the boats must be present on each reservation.


Safety is always the priority. Kirkland Sailing Club reserves the right to take any action necessary in deference of safety considerations. Examples include changing specific boat reservations due to equipment or member special needs to cancelling reservations if observed/forecasted weather conditions are beyond the certification, skill or experience level of the member.


Following are the general hours of operation, which may change with the season. Announcements will be made in advance of any changes. 

·         Boat reservation hours: 24 hours online, up to 7 days in advance.

·         Boat check-out hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 p.m. - Daily

·         Business hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 p.m. - Daily


All reservations are subject to availability. The club maintains a fleet size commensurate with membership levels throughout the year. Some summer weekends book fast when a disproportionate number of members want to sail on the same day, and so we encourage members to plan in advance.

The following reservation rules are designed to maximize boat availability for all members. Kirkland Sailing Club may alter reservation times during heavy use days to accommodate members (e.g., requiring morning, afternoon or after-hours time slots).

All members benefit from adhering to reservation guidelines.

·         Advanced Reservations: Each Regular Member can make one advance reservation at a time, up to 7 days in advance (14 days/ 2 reservations for racing members)

·         Cancellations: If a member does not show up for a reservation within 1 hour and no alternative arrangements are made, then the reservation will be involuntarily cancelled when other members are waiting on the boat.

With courteous regard to other members - please update your reservation if you’re planning on being late or cancelling a reservation. This affords other members the time to go sailing.


Members may sail into the evening if they arrive before 5:00 p.m., or if they made prior arrangements to check out the boat after normal working hours. When the sail is completed, simply bring in the boat, secure it properly to the dock in its slip.

If there is any theft or damage caused by improper mooring/securing, the member will be held responsible for the damage if the cause is determined to be improper stowage of the boat. 


A privilege not seen in most boating clubs is KSC’s after-hours checkout. With an advanced reservation, members can take out boats after hours. 


Multiple day use is not available to members through advanced reservations.


Certification prerequisites are for member safety, to ensure competency when using more advanced sailing equipment, sailing in unfamiliar areas and to minimize the potential for damage to KSC equipment. KSC accepts NauticEdAmerican Sailing Association (ASA), US Sailing and RYA certification systems and standards, which advocates graduated learning that includes practice in-between classes.

·        US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification (or equivalent): Members may use almost all of the  twenty-two(22') foot sailboats after completing the Basic sailing course or by demonstrating sufficient knowledge.

·         US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification (or equivalent): All diesel auxiliary powered sailboats, and those with inboard controls, may be used by Bareboat qualified members. Bareboat certified members can also receive discounts when chartering with certain chartering companies.

·        KSC SPINNAKER QUALIFIED: The spinnaker course is required before you may use the spinnaker on any Club boat. This includes sailing or racing with a crew that knows how to fly the spinnaker. The skipper must be spinnaker qualified – no exceptions allowed.


Kirkland Sailing Club offers a wide range of sailing classes, all designed to increase sailors’ skills and knowledge. Members enjoy discount on selected classes plus frequent specials and additional discounts for multiple students, family members, etc. If we do not offer a class that fits a member’s schedule or plans, we will recommend a school that not only offers that class, but meets elevated standards that only a handful of top sailing schools offer. When ready for that next level, give us a call to discuss options and any possible specials.


Every operator of a Kirkland Sailing Club vessel is responsible for any damage, theft, etc. that they incur or cause, up to $3,000 when they follow procedures and rules. Details of liability and damage conditions are contained in the Operator Terms & Conditions.

Kirkland Sailing Club maintains liability insurance of at least $3,000,000, and all active members in good standing are additional insureds. Members should recognize that if found grossly negligent, the member may face additional liability by maritime law.

Kirkland Sailing Club requires all members to inspect a vessel prior to use and assume responsibility for planning a manifestly safe voyage for the sailboat, crew and guests. Following is the definition of a “Seaworthy Vessel”, and it’s important to note that the maritime definition of seaworthiness includes the skipper’s character, skill and planning for a safe voyage.

“The vessel is competent to resist the ordinary attacks of wind and weather, and is competently equipped and manned for the voyage, with a sufficient crew, and with sufficient means to sustain them, and with a captain of general good character and nautical skill.”

Many homeowners’ or tenants’ /renters’ insurance policies cover this type of loss, and members are encouraged to check with their agent.

Damage is ascertained on an itemized checklist, and upon a clean check-in by KSC staff, members are released from accountability. It is advisable that members review this checklist with KSC staff for accuracy.

If a member damages a sail, or any other gear, they are required to inform KSC. To report any problem after hours, email or call the club by 9:30 a.m. the next day. By reporting damage, members help the club to repair problems before they become worse, and members do not send fellow members sailing with faulty equipment! KSC staff can also advise members as to why the damage occurred, helping to prevent a re-occurrence. If a member does not report damage, it will be discovered at the next checkout and the damage will be charged back to the member regardless of fault.

IF AN INCIDENT INVOLVES A THIRD PARTY OR AN INJURY, COMPLETE THE INCIDENT REPORT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is for the member’s protection, especially when making an insurance claim. This form can be found on the KSC website in the Members section

NOTE: it is a maritime legal requirement that a skipper fully disclose any problems or breakage that may affect the safety of a vessel. Failure to do so puts other members at risk.


CLICK HERE for Operator Terms and Conditions


Members receive a monthly billing statement for dues, plus any charges that accrued on the account in that month. If payment is late, then a 12% late fee is assessed per month. If an account becomes over 30 days "Past Due", membership privileges are suspended until the account is current. Suspension precludes boat use, activities, and boat reservations.


Special considerations can be made for membership plans and “life” in general when it interferes with sailing. We ask that members discuss any issues with us within the framework of the membership guidelines and agreements.

Member Agreements: Long-term membership commitments are required to keep costs low and maintain a year-round fleet for members. When compared to owning a boat, Kirkland Sailing Club’s member dues are less than half the moorage alone.

·         Unless stated otherwise or cancellation arrangements are made in advance, membership agreements renew on the renewal anniversary as per the signed agreement.

·         Membership is an annual agreement and can be canceled only at the anniversary date. Members must give written notice of resignation thirty (30) days prior to the end of their agreement term. Failure to do this leaves the membership in force and members responsible for accruing dues.

·         Kirkland Sailing Club extends a 30 day “grace period” from the renewal date to cancel a membership. However, members are responsible for all accrued dues during this extended period.

·         Exceptions are made for instances including (for example): members moving +40 miles from Kirkland Sailing Club facility, or physical injuries/serious illness that prevents use of Kirkland Sailing Club services. Other exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis on approval by the General Manager. All exceptions may require substantiation.

·         Dues may be subject to change upon thirty (30) days notice to Member and are effective after the end of the current contract term (i.e., dues are locked until the next renewal).

Membership Transfers: membership of KSC is non-transferable, other than to suitable qualified adult immediate family members residing in the same household.

Membership Holds: Any membership in good standing may be put on “hold” for up to 3 months and for a $50 per month fee. Members on hold are billed only for their hold fee, and their privileges are suspended. After 3 months, billing and membership begins automatically, and the agreement’s term is extended by the hold period. A member may make another hold after 36 consecutive months of membership.

Military: If actively in the military, in good standing and relocated or deployed during membership, KSC will waive contractual requirement and fees associated with holds or cancellations.


Membership in the Kirkland Sailing Club not only offers the ease and convenience of sailing a multitude of sailboats maintained, cleaned, and ready for use; it also gives members the opportunity to become involved socially and further enjoy friendships through activities that are unique to a sailing club. KSC staff are motivated to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible (they have fun too). The Club frequently hosts social functions with hopes that members bring family and friends.


Kirkland Sailing Club members are considered “preferred” sailors at many schools, charter companies and clubs because of the high standards of Kirkland Sailing Club’s school and club. That preferred status means KSC members are regarded as well trained and skilled sailors, and this status often translates into discounts or additional privileges.

Kirkland Sailing Club maintains reciprocal relationship with many sailing organizations. The “deal” depends on the activity and operation. When considering sailing from non-Kirkland Sailing Club location we encourage you to first discuss with us. There are many reputable, excellent sailing organizations, as well as some less than reputable. Kirkland Sailing Club will not engage in a reciprocal relationship if the organization does not meet the National standards.

We no longer maintain an active list of reciprocal organizations. The reason is simply that sailing organizations, staff, policies and even national "good-standing" change over time - and lists quickly become outdated.

Instead, we will research and contact organizations on our members behalf and as a service to our members. If interested in sailing opportunities in different areas, contact us and we'll see what's available.


Sailing enthusiast groups are organized by members such as yourself! Never hesitate to discuss what can happen if you share a common interest with other members.

Race Groups: There are few sailing activities more exciting, and skill building, than racing. The Racing Group is a great way to become involved with sailboat racing. Beginners are always welcome to the team.


KSC members can sample a variety of sailing vessels while they build experience for certifications. “Newer, Bigger” boats are not necessarily “Better”. KSC boats are selected for their quality of construction and design, performance specifications, and predominant use by club members. For members considering purchasing a boat one day, then “sampling” a wide range of boats is a great way to get a feel for what boat designs and equipment best fitted for the sailing goals.

A complete and updated list of Kirkland Sailing Club vessels is available on the website.


In order to make the Kirkland Sailing Club run smoothly and provide the finest customer service and equipment, KSC staff asks that members remember the following:

Non-marking shoes only please. No dark/hard soled shoes are allowed on any club boats. The marks left behind by both hard and soft dark soled shoes are very hard to remove from fiberglass boats and may incur cleaning fees.

No Pets are allowed on club boats. Even if your pet is well behaved and trained - their claws and hair are very hard on the sailboats and can cause allergic reactions for other members.

No Smoking Permitted in the cabins of club boats. Smoking is not allowed below deck and is discouraged in the cockpit area where the gasoline tank is located.

Always Motor in and out of the Club location. The harbor - masters have asked that members do not sail in or out unless there is engine failure. They have granted us permission to teach the skill in courses.

KSC boats are not equipped with toilets or Porta-Pottis. Members are welcome to bring their own portable units for use during their reservation but must remove them when checking the boat back in. A charge will be made to remove and dispose of any units left on KSC boats.

Return Boats in as good or better condition as you got them. Upon completion of a sail:

·         Return and properly secure the boat to the slip it belongs in.

·         Release backstays, outhauls, cunninghams, and boomvangs.

·         Return gear to its proper place.

·         Turn all electric devices, switches, and batteries off.

·         Flake, stow, bag, and cover all sails.

·         Leave engine tilted down & lift mount up.

·         Coil and hang all lines to allow them to drip-dry.

·         Close and lock the boat.

·         Maintenance and cleaning of the fleet is the responsibility of the Club staff, however we ask that if you spill food or beverages that you wipe down and clean up.

Member Boat Use is for Personal Use. Members may use the boats for personal sailing, but may not conduct commercial activity on board the boats, such as sailing lessons, chartering, etc..., and involving any payment or remuneration to the member for the use of the boat. Members agree to prevent the boats from being used for any illegal activities.


·         Per membership agreements

Miscellaneous Charges: ONLY IF… any gear is lost or damaged, outboard fuel used beyond 2 gallons, extra boat cleaning be needed, the following rates will be charged to the member, at current rates, and at the following sources:

·         Current per gallon fuel rates at Yarrow Bay Marina (we only use marine ethanol-free fuel to protect the engines).

·         Current West Marine prices for replacement parts.

·         Current Catalina, J-Boats or comparable manufacturer suppliers.

·         Engine parts from Three Rivers Marine.

·         Sails from North Sails

The above list is a general guide of most frequently used sources. Kirkland Sailing Club reserves the right to select the best vendor for the equipment and service depending on the needs at the time.

25. NON-Member DAY RATES

$400/ full day when booked more than 7 days in advance and subject to availability.


Certain boats are equipped, maintained and accessorized for longer trips and 'chartering'. These require additional fees and rules because the preparation time, maintenance, fuel and supply costs are higher than normal club boats. Notably, we keep these rates well below regional and comparable NW charter rates for members.

·         Additional boats: more to come!


·         Reservation/chargers are per member

·         Members can stay aboard the night before departing (no charge)

·         $100 cleaning fee 

·         Fuel charge for excessive refueling (more than 4 gallons)


·         Full Day reservation is 9:00am to 9:00pm

·         Core class discounts do not include seminars, excursions, offshore and courses taught in partnership with outside sailing instructors and companies. Simply, Kirkland Sailing Club negotiates a best rate for our customers when partnering with outside sailing experts.

·         Class discounts apply to the retail value; and do not apply to and cannot be combined with other specials and promotional discounts. Instead, members receive the best price.

·         Applicable Washington and local sales taxes apply

·         Prices are subject to change and/or correction at any time. Most recent prices will prevail

·         Boat use and passengers on board limited to USCG regulations

·         Only one discount is applicable (i.e., not aggregated)


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