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Sailing courses open a world of possibilities that includes many unexpected challenges. To sail competently, sailors need knowledge, practical training and experience to safely operate sailboats .

We operate two training programs that complement each other well- US Sailing (the governing body of sailing in the USA) for practical in-person, on-water and classroom training and NauticEd for online learning and skill-building.

Sign up with NauticEd now and start your 2 FREE courses.  Learn the basics and gain access to free online sailing resources with this instructive and interactive system.

We highly recommend you use NauticEd to start building your sailing resume. Add your practical certifications, licenses and sea miles  to demonstrate your achievements online in an internationally recognized format. Great for presenting your credentials to charter companies, yacht clubs and boat owners.

Learn to Cruise
Basic Cruising Course

Learn Bareboat
Bareboat Course

San Juan Cruise & Learn
Bareboat Course

Learning the basics of sailing is easy, and once sailing you'll wonder why you waited so long to learn!

This fun 3-day Basic Sailing Course teaches you how to sail a keelboat safely and confidently

Sail further and faster with the 3-day Basic Cruising Course.

Learn improved sail and boat handling techniques, including heavier weather sailing and sailing on sailboats 25' and larger

Sail big boats and charter in exotic locations.

The 2-day Bareboat Charter Certification allows you to demonstrate a complete understanding of vessel systems, planning, and large boat handling

Explore a world-class sailing destination while sailing and training with local and veteran instructors


Like most of our students, we are parents and professionals pressed for time in today's busy world. So, we construct our classes to make best use of the time available: interactive online training and testing is often more efficient than books as well as frees class time. The extra class time is spent training on the water, giving students more meaningful practical instruction. And, we're flexible in that if weather doesn't cooperate or additional training is needed, we'll work with your schedule in continuing the training.


What has changed is technology, and we make knowledge training easier by utilizing the latest/greatest online training systems available. NauticEd's advanced online training gives students the most up-to-date and advanced training available while increasing your practical on-the-water instruction time.


Since the dawn of time when humans first took to the seas to 'learn the ropes', much of this training was passed down from sailor-to-sailor. That part hasn't changed much in sailing's 7,000+ year history, and in our small-group instruction you're trained by a highly experienced sailor. Our on-the-water courses include licensed instructors, Small Group low student-to-instructor ratios and well maintained equipment.


Kirkland Sailing Club's practical courses with US Sailing are of the highest standards and issued by the governing body of sailing in the US. Our affiliation with NauticEd offers advanced online learning as well as international certification through the SLC program.


We work to fulfill each sailor's goals and needs. If you're not sure or have questions, please use our web-form to contact us or call us on (425) 595-3440


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