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All our race school instructors have strong race pedigrees and will help you tune your skills to become more competitive as a skipper or crew

In this four-week course you will sail J/80’s on Monday nights from Shilshole Bay Marina. We will meet at the boat at 5pm, do some pre-race practice, participate in the race, and get back ashore for a debrief around 9pm. That is four hours of coaching on the water per day on a sporty J/80 with an asymmetrical spinnaker! 

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As part of the course, you will receive a copy of the Getting Started in Sailboat Racing. Furthermore, we will have weekly video conferences to cover various topics. These will be recorded and made available on our website for your convenience.  

Topics will include: 

    • How races work and where to get race information 
    • Race starts and starting techniques 
    • Boat handling – how to go fast! 
    • Race tactics (e.g., laylines, shifts, favored tacks, etc.) 
    • Boat prep  
    • Team building 

Getting Started in Sailboat Racing, 2nd Edition: Cort, Adam, Stearns, Richard: 9780071808262: Amazon.com: Books

Each week the students will rotate positions on the boat. Each role has nuances and although you may not be able to master each, you’ll develop an appreciation for the synergy between them.  

If you are new to racing, this course will catapult you on your journey to becoming a competent racer. And if you’ve been racing on other’s boats, you’ll be armed with resources and experiences that would typically take years to build, making you a much sought-after crew. 


This course is designed for sailors who want to learn how to race. It is not intended to teach sailing. Students are not required to hold any certifications. Still, they are expected to know the basics of sailing, which include points of sail, the basic maneuvers of heading up, bearing away, tacking, gybing, and being able to helm a tillered boat.  

Kirkland Sailing Club offers both private and group lessons should you need to brush up on these essential skills before joining this class. 



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