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KSC Fall Racing Series

Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

No registration fee, no prizes, no protests & no party this year!
But we will post results for the season with an overall winner in each division


waiver should be completed by a) the yacht owner and b) any and all crew members that will participate on the same yacht in KSC regattas. In the event a crew member has not signed the waiver, that crew member will be deemed to not be a participant in the regatta at the liability of the owner. It is the yacht owner’s responsibility to ensure that waivers are completed by all participating crew members. A yacht that appears in the vicinity of the course whose owner has not completed a waiver will be deemed a non-participant.


First warning at 1:10 pm with 5 minute rolling starts.

·         Division 1- PHRF

·         Division 2- J/22 & J/24 One Design

-     Division 3- Open to all classes

Sound Signals

Start times may change from published- please monitor CH69

Alert                    1:08pm  3 short 

Warning (5 min): 1:10pm - 1 long

Division 1:           1:15pm  Start - 1 long

Division 2:           1:20pm  Start - 1 long

Division 3:           1:25pm  Start - 1 long

Schedule of Races will consist the following dates

August 30th

September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Only one race is scheduled per day. One race shall constitute a series.

The first alert is at 1:08pm each race day

Classes/ Divisions

Division 1 is PHRF. Competitors are required to register prior to the race and declare their rating. 

Division 2 is intended for J/22’s and J/24's only in One Design mode. Each OD class within the division will be scored separately

Division 3 is open to all other yachts. Scoring is determined by order of crossing the finish line.

Racing Area is defined as Lake Washington north of  520 bridge and South of Juanita Point


Division 1:  S-A-B-S-B-F

Division 2 & 3: S-A-B-F

Start line will be in the vicinity of Evergreen Point with the pin end represented by an inflatable racing buoy and committee boat end either the Blue RIB or Catalina 30 "Earth's Edge"

Prior to the start of each race at 1:00pm, each competitor will sail past the race committee hailing the boat name and sail number. Check in by VHF radio is not permitted and will not be acknowledged.

Race committee will attempt to identify recalled yachts and broadcast sail numbers on Ch69. Failure of a yacht to see or hear their recall shall not be grounds for redress.

Finish will be sailing back through the starting line.

Time limit 

If 1st boat in a class fails to cross the Start-Finish line in the first full lap within 2 hours of the start, the race will be considered abandoned for that class.

If the 1st boat in a class fails to round the windward mark on the 2nd lap within 2 hours of the start , then that class will be scored as they crossed the Start Finish line after the 1st lap .

 Yachts failing to finish within 30 minutes of the first place in each division will be marked Time Limit Expired (TLE)

Scoring Division  1 will be adjusted by PHRF rating. Division 2 will be scored on order of finish by class.  Division 3 will be determined by order of finish. Each boat scores 1 point for finishing plus 1 point for every boat that finishes behind them. In order to qualify for the season standings, a yacht must compete in at least 50% of the events. Boats that do not finish will score 0 points but will be counted towards the number of qualifying races. If a yachts crew serves as race committee (at least 2 members) leaving the boat with insufficient crew to sail, then that boat is awarded 1 point and the race is not counted towards the number of qualifying races required, limit 2 races through the season.

Withdrawals/ retirements shall notify committee on Ch69

Protests- there will be no protest hearings.

Prizes- there will be no prizes.

Event contacts





(425) 595 3440

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