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DragonForce 65 RC Model Yacht Racing


Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions


Schedule of Races 

Fall winter series November-March: Saturdays 9am-11am

Classes/ Divisions

DragonForce 65, any rig. 

Class Rules Link

Racing Area 

Depending on wind conditions, 2nd Avenue dock, Kirkland (Behind Anthony's Seafood) OR City of Kirkland Marina, off the end of the last dock.

Scoring will be calculated using the RORC cox-sprague high-point scoring system and published by email to all registered competitors. High point scoring encourages regular participation. There will be recognition for the sailor with the highest overall point score for the season and also the sailor with the most bullets.

Protests- there will be no protest hearings.

Prizes- TBA

Event contacts

Addendum 1: Scoring Description

We use a 'high point' (HP) scoring system. The advantage is that it encourages participation over a longer season and delivers more fairness across each series or event.

race- single race

series- a day of races

event- season of races

We use HALsail for the scoring. Within the application, we can select from many scoring systems. We chose the RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) system which is an adaption of the Cox Sprague HP system. We can enter the results live from a phone or tablet. We tried it in 2020 but it wasn't a great success for various reasons and so we continued with paper.

With HP, you score more points for each boat you beat. So, on a day where it's just 3 boats, you don't get as many points for winning as you would on a day with 10 boats. It's harder to beat more boats and the scoring system reflects that.

A HP system allows us to award points for DNF, low point (LP) can't do that. In LP, DNF is scored the same as DNC (did not compete). HP allows us to recognize the sailors that turned up and splashed their boats, even if they didn't finish the race. This encourages participation.

If someone borrows a boat, they are scored under their own sail number rather than the number of the boat they borrowed.

Throwouts- or discards. Particularly in model racing, where we often have boat problems or get weed wrapped around the keel we want the ability to discard some of those results. Some events choose to discard one in every three, others one in every six or some other number. We decided that, since the number of races we run each series can vary, the best option is to have a progressive discard schedule. So the system does this....

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