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Basic Keelboat PLUS

Extending on from the US SAILING Basic Keelboat Certification, this class is designed for students who want to continue building their skills and sea miles with the help of an instructor. Each class holds a maximum of 3 students and runs for 4 hours aboard one of the Club's 22 foot sloops. This is a great class both to springboard from Basic Keelboat and also as a refresher for a new season. Take it once or on a regular basis!

PRICING: KSC Members $185 ; Non-members $245 

Basic Cruising PLUS
Designed primarily as a follow-up to the US SAILING Basic Cruising Certification, this class offers students the opportunity to continue building skills and sea miles with the assistance of an instructor. It can also be taken by Basic Keelboat graduates looking for bigger boat experience. Each class holds a maximum of 4 students and runs for 4 hours aboard one of our larger boats with wheel steering and an inboard diesel engine. 
PRICING: KSC Members $185 ; Non-members $245 

Symmetrical Spinnaker
Learn how to rig and fly a symmetrical spinnaker! Highly recommended for our members who wish to start One Design Racing,  this class runs for four hours with a maximum of 3 students aboard on one of our fleet of J/22's
PRICING: KSC Members $185 ; Non-members $245 

Asymmetrical Spinnaker
Learn how to rig and fly an asymmetrical spinnaker! This class runs for four hours with a maximum of 3 students aboard one of our J/80's at Shilshole
PRICING: KSC Members $185 ; Non-members $245 

Performance Sailing
Go faster! Taught aboard one of our J/22's by our experienced instructors with proven race pedigrees, this one-day class will help you tune and trim the boat to improve speed and sailing efficiency. Not just for racers, cruisers also benefit from being able to sail from point-to-point as efficiently as possible. Learn about rig tuning, sail shape, trim, weight balance and much more...
PRICING: KSC Members $300 ; Non-members $425

Racing Fundamentals

Don't be afraid to come racing with us! This 3- hour shore-based class will cover the basic racing rules, strategy, tactics and crew positions to give you some background before you hop onboard as crew. 

PRICING: KSC Members $99 ; Non-members $129 

Docking Clinic (Capri 22) & Big Boat Docking Clinic (Shilshole Marina)

Under the guidance of an instructor, practice and build your docking technique and close-quarters maneuvering in this 3-hour class

PRICING: KSC Members $99 ; Non-members $129

Learn J/22

Many of our members only sail the Capris because that's what they learned on. We have other boats too! The J/22's are only slightly different to sail and the performance is very rewarding. This free 2-hour class will show you the differences and prepare you for sailing these amazing boats.

PRICING: KSC Members only $FREE 

J/22 Race Coaching

On Tuesday evenings, our race members race J/22's in Kirkland. This class will put you aboard a J/22 with a highly experienced race instructor to help you learn the roles around the boat and go fast! Pre-requisites for this class are Basic Keelboat, Racing Fundamentals and Symmetrical Spinnaker. Join in once or often!

PRICING: KSC Members only $95


KSC Race School

This exciting 4-week class will teach you how to go fast! 

Join the Monday night Ballard Cup Series in a sporty J/80 with an accomplished racer and USCG Captain as coach  out of Shilshole Bay marina. On-shore instruction will cover everything from race formats to starting sequences to strategy and tactics, as well as guidance on pre-race routines, tips for each role on the boat, valuable advice for aspiring skippers and much more. Each week you’ll rotate roles on the boat to develop a full appreciation of each and their synergy. On-water coaching will include practice time for all maneuvers including mariner overboard drills to ensure you develop the skills necessary to make you a competent racer. Pre-requisites for this class are Basic Keelboat, Racing Fundamentals and Asymmetric Spinnaker.

Participants must be familiar with points of sail, basic maneuvers and helming a tiller-steered boat. Private lessons with the coach are available through Kirkland Sailing Club to help you brush up on any of these areas prior or during the four-week program.

5pm-9pm Monday evenings x 4



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