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KSC Fall Series September 27th, 2020

29 Sep 2020 8:57 AM | Anonymous

Last race of the Kirkland Fall Series.

Forecast models conflicted on wind direction but agreed on light conditions and little chance of southerly. The parameters of this series include a start near Evergreen Point and a buoy close to the Kirkland shore, so the RC set a questionable starboard rounding triangle with an extra two legs for Div 1.

Fortunately, all boats understood the late course announcement and, unexpectedly, it was a remarkably close race in all 3 Divisions in warm temperatures, blue skies, and an impressive lenticular cloud over Mt Rainier.

Despite the light conditions, all boats finished within the 2-hour limit.

Div 1

           Lap 1                      Finish                   Corrected

  1. Rugosa                      1h8m59s              1h58m15s  114.21
  2. Audacious                 1h1m14s      1h51m4s       119.53      

Div 2

  1. Moya
  2. Gray Jay
  3. Juno

Div 3

  1. Bad Example (by 22 seconds)
  2. Leo Kai


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